With over eleven years of experience Xenta is an established company in the ecommerce electrical product industry. Since 2003 customers have been coming to us for computer components, peripherals and electrical products. We supply students, public and private sector companies, central government offices and education providers each year with quality products and services, all at the best possible prices. We aim to always bring you the lowest prices and the latest technology.

Better Products!

At Xenta we are all about quality, choice, price and technology. Everyone wants a better product which costs less and is built to last and that is precisely what Xenta want to offer. We have an in depth knowledge of the products on our website and we pride ourselves on the quality and range that we have available. These products combine latest technologies and innovation so that you get up to the minute designs that are built to last and make for easier living. When you purchase an electrical product and turn it on or plug it in you want it to work, entertain, connect or do what the product is designed to do and you want it to keep doing that for many years to come – well, so do we and that is why you can trust the Xenta brand name.

Greater choice

We can offer you greater choice. We know how important it is to give customers a substantial sized range to choose from. Whatever electrical peripheral, component or item you are searching for you will probably find that the Xenta website has one. So whether you need computer accessories, speakers, Cables, Adapters, headphones, lighting, CCTV, Home Cinema, Projectors, Keyboards, Mice, Tablet Accessories, Tools, Camcorders, Audio, Networking Peripherals or DVD players Xenta is the answer.

Why Choose Xenta?

With all the options out there to choose from why choose Xenta? The Xenta brand was established in 2003. We bring you the latest greatest products and all at very affordable prices.


“affordable technology”